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Scantech is the one of leaders company specialize in 3D field in Vietnam. We desire to connect to manufacturers and companies to know and applicate into their productions and industrial busines.

Over 10 years in this 3D field, Scantech Vietnam become one of the best supports and service companies in Vietnam. We are the partner of famost brand and companies all over the world such as from USA, Germany, EU, Korea....

We share our knowlegde and supports to customers to develop and changing so many thing for better with so many application from art, museum, consumer, automotive, aerospace, military and.... 


Mr. Nguyen Minh Khoi - General Director of Scantech Vietnam JSC with 12 years in this 3D solution

From 2012 we seperate and develop with technician and engineers to follow our strategy with long terms. With this, in next 3 years (2017-2019) Scantech Vietnam will become professional company to supply and services engineering in 3D scanning, 3D printing and 3D software and VR. And we will try the no. 1 and leading for this field to supports to our market including companies and personal.... 


Supply 3D equipment, technology and full 3D solution

  • Supply solution for 4.0 technology including 3D scanners, 3D printers, 3D modeling software and reverse engineering, design software, CNC machines, Inspection CMM machines and non-contact equipment... for industrial and manufacturing, R &D ....

Supply 3D scan and printing and reverse services

Scanning services 3D (3D digitizing) no limit size, shape, material, allow scaning samples, models through our systems from Germany and EU: JEISS, ZF, ARTEC 3D, Evatronix...

  • 3D Scanning services for mechanical with high accurate upto (0,010 mm): Mechanical parts, mold and die, miltary parts, jig and fixtures, mobile, automotive, motor parts.... plastic parts, metal... with scanning systems come from Germany  - Zeiss and Artec.
  • 3D Scanning services for big mechanial parts, factory, manufacturing, power plan, oil & gas plan, Aerospace, shipyards.... servicing for measurement and inspection assembly, mold and die, checking error and deviation...  
  • 3D Scanning services for art products, wooden cnc, heritage, casting and wax mold... . 
  • 3D Scanning services for parts of body human.... using for figures, scale small, wax statue, brass casting,  gypsum, aesthetics, also formedical prosthetics, security ... with accurate from 0.05mm
  • 3D scanning services of cultural; Temple, archeology, statues, antiques ... for data storage, conservation, restoration, use as data build virtual reality website ..
  • Repair, replacement, upgrading of mechanical equipment: CNC, lathe, milling machine, EDM wire-cut .
  • Reverse Design Services.
  • 3D scanner rental services.

3D Printing services with 7 techonologies from famous brand of 3D SYSTEMS (USA), BIGREP (Germany), CUBICON (Korea)

  • Direct metal Printing (DMP)
  • Color Jet Printing with full CMYK colors (CJP)
  • Sintering Laser System (SLS)
  • MultiJet Printing with so many different materials (MJP)
  • Stereolithography SLA, and DLP for resin 
  • FDM printing with ABS, PLA, FLEX, PETG .... 
  • FDM printing with size up to (1m3) from Bigrep - Germany.
  • Training and services for Universities, College, Vocational College, Institute and R/D .... 




  • Casting - Mold and Die Manufacturing.
  • Copy models, rapid prototyping
  • R&D for new products.
  • Inspect and measure freeform and complex edge and model.
  • Surface inspection


  • VR, digitizing, save and reconstruct culture hesitate, Archeology.
  • Construction, architect, Xây dựng kiến trúc.
  • Fashion accessories.
  • Figures, wax human and fullbody scale.


  • Experiment and testing tools for universities, college and vocation colleges. 
  • Body parts: born, teeth, skull surface, Orthopaedic Surgery.
  • Modeling 3D in beauty, cosmetic...                       




No.28 - Road No. 1 -  Tran Thai Tong street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84-4 (3839 8561) - 84-4 (3200 0987)
Hotline: 0912 469 168 - 0904 985 139
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About us
About us
Scantech is the one of leaders company specialize in 3D field in Vietnam. We desire to connect to manufacturers and companies to know and applicate into their productions and industrial busines.