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3D scan data and reverse pump profile design

Scantech Vietnam is proud to be the exclusive agent in Vietnam for the world famous Scan3D brands: ZEISS (Germany); BIGREP (Germany); ZF (Germany); ARTEC Group (Luxembourg-EU); CUBICON (Korea)

Customers will benefit from the highest level of service from the German 3D Scanning System with accuracy up to 0.0018 mm. Unlimited size, style, material, allows scanning any object. Scantech's systems of equipment and staff are always available to advise and serve customers wherever and whenever they are, to meet all the needs of copying, duplicating and ... From the complex keep the need for high accuracy such 

  • Detailed mold quality control
  • Copy, copp the 3D format
  • Restore the model
  • Processing
  • Fast production (3D printing, CNC ...)
  • Reverse design ...


3D scan data and reverse engineered mortar details


How to scan 3D samples?

Scantech Vietnam owns specialized machines such as:

  • COMET L3D 5M (ZEISS - Germany). High-performance, lightweight, high-power 3D Laser Scanner with near-absolute accuracy (0.0018mm error). The speed of data acquisition scan and mesh is extremely fast. This machine is a breakthrough in collecting 3D data. Not only faster, easier, and more accurate, it is also an ideal solution for cost savings, minimizing the risk of defects in the molding process.
  • COMET Tscan CS (ZEISS - Germany) Scan and contactless testing of medium to large surface products, complex profiles, notches, profile or frame profiles such as fixture, body, shell , Ribs, exhaust pipes ... of cars, motorcycles, hydro turbines, ships, boats ...
  • ARTEC EVA Handheld 3D Scanner, ARTEC SPIDER (Artec Group - EU). This handy solution will be useful when you need to scan external specimens or digitize objects that can not be moved.
Set of 3 3D Artec Eva & Artec Space Spider (Luxemburg) The TScan scanner from Ziess (Germany) Zeiss vertical leg scanner from Zeiss (Germany)

See details:

See details:

See details: ultra-nho-gon.html


What are the cost factors for Scan3D?

- Size?

- Require accuracy?

- complex surface?

- Delivery time?

Scan3D process?

1. You send pictures, sizes and requirements, .. Scantech 3D will quote.

2. Samples may be brought to Scantech 3D Company or scanned at the requested location.

3. Send scan file (STL format) in day.

4. If you request to join the grid + preliminary editing or 3D modeling from the scan file (reverse design) ..., details will be exchanged in detail in the price.






About us
About us
Scantech is the one of leaders company specialize in 3D field in Vietnam. We desire to connect to manufacturers and companies to know and applicate into their productions and industrial busines.