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Just like mechanical machining, precision molding. Demand for copy coppy templates (3D Scanning) in the field of art, architecture, sculpture is becoming increasingly essential. If you want to create a series of the same products, change the size ratio, edit the artwork, the artist takes a lot of time and effort, especially when creating the work. Products of small size complex texture.

3D Scan technology will be an effective solution for artisans to shorten image processing time, reduce labor costs, increase production speed and achieve high aesthetics. 


3D data scans on a computer

Molding using super-smooth PDM 3D printing

Finished bronze casting products


Process of applying 3D Scanning  & 3D printing technology?

  1. Customers send scanned samples to Scantech (for small samples). Scantech will bring 3D Scanning  to the customer's workshop for scanning (for large samples).
  2. Scantech uses a German or European 3D Scanner to scan samples. The higher the accuracy, the more accurate the 3D data will be from 0.018 to 0.1 mm depending on the size of the sample to be scanned.
  3. After scanning 3D samples, the data will be smoothed, customers can customize the size (big, small), adjust the scale to balance (eg low head bow, big or small deviation from few...)
  4. Customers can 3D printing to mold for casting or machining directly on wood, metal by CNC machine.


  • The traditional craft villages, foundries: bronze casting, fine art furniture, ceramics ...
  • Artisans
  • Gypsum ceiling workmanship workshops
  • Agencies and organizations wishing to preserve relics, temples, statues, archaeological relics, museums, etc.
  • Web design companies, virtual reality ...
  • Companies Gifts
  • Individuals and organizations need 3D data to verify parameters such as area, volume, mass, weight, etc. to refer to transparency controls for construction works. Monuments, statues, national historical relics ...


Why should you choose Scantech Vietnam for 3D Scanning and 3D Printing products?

Scantech3D is the exclusive agent in Vietnam for many world famous 3D scanners: Zeiss (Germany), Artec 3D (Luxemburg), ZF (Germany), Evanovix (Finland) ... We are supplying a wide variety of 3D scanners for customers such as Viettel, Goshi Thang Long, Hai Thaco, Nitori, Department 5 ... institutes, institutes of archeology, institutes of Han Nom, Export ...

So we own a wide variety of scanners with different levels of accuracy to best meet all the needs of copying and duplicating samples of unlimited designs, colors, materials and sizes.

Set of 3 3D Artec Eva & Artec Space Spider (Luxemburg) The TScan scanner from Ziess (Germany) Zeiss vertical leg scanner from Zeiss (Germany)

See details:

See details:

See details: ultra-nho-gon.html


Are 3D scanning products at Scantech Vietnam always sharp and smooth?

St. Giong monument is over 10m high, weighs 80 tons in Soc Son, Hanoi

Copper casting products from 3D scanning data and printing 3D

- We are using the world's TOP 3D Scanner and Printer Machines. By combining many types of scanners (far & near), a variety of lenses (big & small) for a product to get the results of the best 3D scanning data. For large statues> 2m we use a remote scanner for the body with 0.1mm sharpness, especially the face, hands, feet or small motifs. 0.05mm mark. With average, small, to very small (1cm) products, we use a precision mechanical scanner with a very high resolution of 0.018mm. This is the advantage of Scantech and the biggest benefit for customers that hard to have a unit of scanning services meet.

- Scantech's 3D scanning data ensures the highest levels of sharpness, helping customers reduce the labor required to chisel after CNC machining or to cool down after molding or making perfect 3D prints. Certainly, how much 3D data scanning (input) customers will make the output products more subtle.

- 3D scanning data provided by Scantech acts as an independent auditor by providing measurement standards that assure accuracy in accordance with international standards for calculating area, volume, volume Quantity, weight ... to refer to, control the transparency of construction works monuments, statues, national historical relics ...


3D scanning data ancestor Lac Long Quan

Ancestry of Lac Long Quan

(Copper casting from 3D Scanning and 3D printing)


Customers always trust and accompany Scantech Vietnam

And above all, Scantech Vietnam values professional ethics to the top, and we protect customer scans as we protect our own children. We understand that each piece of art has been created by customers with sweat, with enthusiasm, by tens of years to exchange experience and blood and we very much appreciate it. We have served customers over 10 years with tens of thousands of 3D data. We remain absolutely confidential and adhere to the "Do not use or sell customer data in any way" guidelines. So when choosing Scantech Vietnam for their mental children, customers will have a fun and reliable mood.









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About us
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