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Print 3D miniature (The Little World)




No need to travel to Europe or Korea, even in Vietnam you can also own a miniature statue of yourself. Scantech Vietnam's 3D expert team will use 3D scanners to capture your creation, family, loved ones and pets, then use 3D color printing technology. The statues are so adorable


If you want an impressive product, you should know in advance the standing or sitting postures, the expressive movements of hands and the shape in front of the mirror. Costumes should have colorful patterns, add accessories such as hats, backpacks ... will make your personal statue eye-catching and lively..

The process of making tiny statues.

  1. Use the Artec Eva 3D scanner or handheld scanner to scan part or all of your body shaping. (For customers with small children or pets will scan at the company headquarters. Customers who order 3 or more can scan at home or other places as required).
  2. 3D image data after the scan should be processed in light, color, vibration, interference caused by the body vibration during the scan.
  3. Scantech Vietnam uses 3D Systems color printers and special US plastic blends (stone-like materials) to create true-color miniatures and permanent durability.








About us
About us
Scantech is the one of leaders company specialize in 3D field in Vietnam. We desire to connect to manufacturers and companies to know and applicate into their productions and industrial busines.